Wife Of Legendary Blues Singer Jimmy Witherspoon Sues Redd Foxx Over Punch In The Face

Comedians Redd Foxx and Melvin “Slappy” White were sued by Joyce Witherspoon, the wife of legendary blues singer Jimmy Witherspoon it was announced on November 7, 1973.

The $300,000 lawsuit was filed by Mrs. Witherspoon in Los Angeles after an incident at the Memory Lane cocktail lounge in May of 1973.

Slappy White aka Melvin
Slappy White aka Melvin from Sanford and Son

Mrs. Witherspoon claimed that White made a degrading comment while she was talking to Redd Foxx, but according to other sources, it was Redd Foxx who made the derogatory comment.

In any case, Mrs. Witherspoon slapped Redd Foxx as he sat in a car with Slappy White.

According to the police, Mrs. Witherspoon was then hit in the mouth with a closed fist by White.

She was later treated for a swollen lip.

Jimmy Witherspoon
Jimmy Witherspoon

Legendary blues singer Jimmy Witherspoon acknowledge receiving an apology from Foxx, although he stated that the incident was “a hard pill to swallow.”

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