Lou Rawls Hits #1 With “Love’s A Hurtin’ Thing”

Gospel/soul singer Lou Rawls hit number one today (November 12, 1966) with the song “Love is a Hurtin’ Thing,” from his album Soulin‘.

Soulin‘ was the second of three albums that Lou Rawls released in 1966, the first being his breakthrough album Lou Rawls Live.

The same year Lou would release his album Carryin’ On, all for Capitol Records.

The Lou Rawls Live! album was the singer’s first exposure to white audiences, after years of singing with gospel groups like The Pilgrim Travelers, In addition to appearing on secular records with Sam Cooke.

In 1961, Lou Rawls inked a deal with Capitol Records.

“When I signed with Capitol Records back in 1961, I told them not to rush me because I didn’t want to be an overnight sensation and afternoon flop. That happens you know,” Lou Rawls said in late 1966.

Between Lou Rawls Live! And Soulin’, the singer had managed to sell over 500,000 records in 1966 alone and earn over $250,000 in income.

And what the the singer do with his new found wealth?

Leased a 26-passenger jet plane to transport himself and his business associates around the United States.

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