Twenty Interesting Facts About James Brown

Since today (May 3rd) is James Brown’s 78th birthday, we decided to put together twenty interesting facts about the Godfather of Soul. Not only did James Brown revolutionize music, but he lead an interesting life. Check it out.

1. James Brown’s song “Living in America” was featured in the movie Rocky IV.

2. James Brown made a cameo appearance in the movie “Blues Brothers”

3. James Brown made a disco album in the 70’s called “The Original Disco Man”

4. James Brown’s first number 1 single on the R&B chart was “Try Me”

5. As a young man James Brown wanted to play professional baseball.

6. He also wanted to be a professional boxer.

7. James Brown went to jail for a high speed car chase in Georgia.

8. James Brown’s original band mates of the Famous Flames were originally in Little Richard’s Band.

9. In 1992 a news anchor reported by mistake that James Brown was dead.

10. James Brown performed in Zaire before the “Rumble in the Jungle” between Ali and Foreman.

11. James Brown suffered from diabetes.

12. James Brown at one time had prostate cancer.

13. According to his friend, James Brown’s last words were “I’m going away tonight”

14. James Brown had his own radio station called WAAW in Augusta, Georgia.

15. One time James Brown was told he had pneumonia while he was at the dentist.

16. James Brown wrote a book called “The Godfather of Soul”

17. James Brown is second only to Elvis for number 1 hits in their careers.

18. James Brown dropped out of school at 15 years old.

19. James Brown did not know how to read sheet music.

20. In 1998 James Brown was hospitalized for his addiction to painkillers.

Two more for the road:

*James Brown’s name was actually supposed to be Joseph, but it accidentally got reversed on his birth certificate.

*When James Brown died, his coffin was 24 karat gold.

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