Twenty Interesting Facts About James Brown

Since today (May 3rd) is James Brown’s 78th birthday, we decided to put together twenty interesting facts about the Godfather of Soul. Not only did James Brown revolutionize music, but he lead an interesting life. Check it out.

1. James Brown’s song “Living in America” was featured in the movie Rocky IV.

2. James Brown made a cameo appearance in the movie “Blues Brothers”

3. James Brown made a disco album in the 70’s called “The Original Disco Man”

4. James Brown’s first number 1 single on the R&B chart was “Try Me”

5. As a young man James Brown wanted to play professional baseball.

6. He also wanted to be a professional boxer.

7. James Brown went to jail for a high speed car chase in Georgia.

8. James Brown’s original band mates of the Famous Flames were originally in Little Richard’s Band.