The Strangers Hit The Studio To Record Classic “My Friends”

The Strangers - "My Friends" R&B group The Strangers entered the recording studio today (December 28, 1953) and recorded their best known song and collectors item, “My Friends.”

The Strangers origins begin Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, where they originally hailed from.

The group was highly influenced by legendary 1950’s singing group The Swallows.

They rehearsed and practiced several of The Swallows’ songs, before being polished enough for an audition at Cincinnati, Ohio – based legendary King Records, which also released records by The Swallows.

The A&R’s at King were impressed with the audition and quickly signed The Strangers.

Today, The Strangers entered the studio and recorded their first four sides for King Records: “My Friends,” “Blue Flowers,” “I’ve Got Eyes” and “Beg and Steal.”

The Strangers
Courtesy of Unca Marvy Goldberg's R&B Notebook Page
“My Friends” was quickly released in January of 1954, although King Records did little to no promotion for the single, even though the record broke in Philadelphia, New York and Cincinnati.

Executives at King Records were most likely busy promoting hit records by The Dominos, The Midnighters and The Charms, who alone placed five Top 10 hits on the charts between 1954 in 1957

The Strangers hit the road to promote the regional success of “My Friends,” but the group eventually fell apart due to drug use, lack of management and lack of success.

By 1957 most of the original group members had abandoned The Strangers for various other groups.

Nonetheless, The Stranger’s first single “My Friends” and “Blue Flowers” remain highly sought-after collectors items.

The Jive Five incorporated the talking bridge in “My Friends” into their own song, “These Golden Rings.”

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