Dootone Promotes The Cufflinx’ “Guided Missiles” December 29, 1956

The CufflinxDootone Records was busy promoting the breakout single “Guided Missiles” by The Cufflinx on this day (December 29, 1956).

Dootone was a legendary Los Angeles-based record label that was owned by Walter “Dootsie” Williams.

Among the acts Dootsie recorded were Johnny “Poppa John” Creach (of Jefferson Starship fame), Redd Foxx, The Medallions, Don Julian & The Meadowlarks and The Penguins were some of the acts who passed through Dootsie’s doors.

Guided Missiles December 29, 1956 Ad In the December 29, 1956 issue of Billboard, the label took out an ad promoting the single “Guided Missiles” by The Cufflinx.

The Cufflinx were a group of U.S. Air Force men, who recorded “Guided Missiles” during a hiatus from their duties to the country.

The Cufflinx recorded “Guided Missiles” at a recording studio in Sacramento. The result was a recording deal for the group with Dootone.

Williams claimed “Guided Missiles” would be the biggest record for the label since “Earth Angel,” a smash #1 single by The Penguins.

The clever song likened a woman’s love to a heat seeking missile that is out to get the male target and destroy him.

But those same guided missiles come back to get the female in the end.

“Guided Missiles” was officially released in November 1956 and enjoyed chart action as late as March 1957.

Various men rotated in and out of The Cufflinx, who recorded a total of eight sides for Dootone.

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