Michael Jackson In Studio Recording Vocals For “We Are The World”

Michael Jackson was moved by the worldwide success of “We Are The World,” which he co-wrote with songwriter/musician Lionel Richie.

The song was produced by Quincy Jones and featured 45 of the best-known recording artists in the world, who would band together under the name “USA For Africa,” to raise funds for starving people on the continent.

According to Michael Jackson, the best version of the song that he’s ever heard was created by producer George Duke.

“Since first writing it, I had thought that the song should be sung by children,” Michael Jackson said. “When I finally heard children singing it on producer George Duke’s version, I almost cried. It’s the best version I’ve heard.”

After recording “We Are The World,” Michael Jackson went into hiatus for 2 1/2 years, to write and record the follow-up to Thriller, titled Bad.

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