Billy Preston
Billy Preston

The Beatles held a session in their own recording facility, Apple Studio, where they recorded their hit single “Get Back,” today (January 23, 1969) featuring keyboardist Billy Preston.

Billy Preston became the unofficial “fifth” member of The Beatles after he was invited to sessions by group member George Harrison.

George Harrison met Preston in 1962, while he was on tour with Lil Richard’s backing band.

The legendary “Get Back” sessions started in January and lasted into May.

According to Billy Preston, “they just let me play whatever I wanted to play.”

The Beatles and Billy Preston laid down 10 takes today, and on January 27, they attempted to perfect the tune with another 14 takes.

Eventually, the group settled on take 11, which was eventually released as a single.

Amazingly, “Get Back” is the only song released by The Beatles that is also credited to another artist.

The first release of the record was credited to “The Beatles with Billy Preston.”

“Get Back” reached #1 in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia, New Zealand, West Germany and Mexico.

Check out The Beatles and Billy Preston in the studio laying down takes for “Get Back” here.


Waxfact: The “Get Back” sessions were the first to employee a young engineer named Alan Parsons.

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