Whispers Member Accused Of Stealing Postal Truck With Millions In Valuables

Whispers group member Leaveil Degree pleaded guilty today (July 12, 1980) to charges that he conspired to steal a U.S. postal truck, with $1.8 million worth of valuables in it.

Leaveil Degree
Leaveil Degree

Leaveil Degree appeared in Federal District Court in Los Angeles over the charges, where he pleaded guilty.

The postal truck in question contained over $1.8 million in jewels, furs and other valuables.

Leaveil Degree, 31 and his brother David, 24, were arrested in March of 1980 and charged with possessing over $300,000 of the stolen money.

The U.S. Attorney General claimed that another $1.5 million was missing from the mail truck, which was stolen on December 27, 1979.

Leaveil Degree managed to escape serious jail time, by cutting a deal with the government, who agreed to drop the conspiracy charges.

But Judge Irving Hill made Leaveil Degree and his twin brother David agree to co-operate in a bid to recover the stolen booty.

Leaveil was sentenced to four months, while his brother David received four years.