Souliners: Jerry Butler!

Jerry Butler
Jerry Butler

If you’re reading these liner notes to find out whether you should buy the album, the answer, for many reasons, is yes. Yes, you should buy it.

One of the reasons is that Jerry Butler is and has been for a number of years one of the best Rhythm and Blues singers around.

Jerry Butler
Jerry Butler

He has an ultra smooth voice, an understanding of a lyric and a feel for the musicality of a melody.

He sings a song but he never gets in its way. He never keeps the message – usually the love message – from getting through to the listener.

Another reason for buying this record is that it contains the two songs that started Jerry out.

“For Your Precious Love” and “Moon River.” Jerry has had a handful of precious top 10 songs by now but it was “Moon River” and “For Your Precious Love” that first gave him the taste of fame.

And you wouldn’t know that someone clever like Butler boy would have more to do with “For Your Precious Love” than just warbling it. He is one of the co-writers of the song.

In fact, he co-wrote six of the songs here and that’s another reason to buy the album – to get a strong feel of the Butler flair for writing.

And a bonus reason for buying the album is the appearance of Rhythm and Blues temptress in her own right Betty Everett.

Jerry and Betty have cut duets together for awhile – their voices blending with the delectability of ham and eggs, caviar and sour cream. The team sings “Fever” and “Love Is Strange,” two deserving standards.

If you’re reading these liner notes because you’re new to Jerry, why are you wasting your precious time? Get to it.

If you’re reading these liner notes because you’re already a Butler fan, you know what’s in store for you. You get to it too.

Jerry Butler
Jerry Butler

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