Philippe Wynne, Former Lead Of The Spinners, Inks Deal With George Clinton

George Clinton
George Clinton


Philippe Wynne, former lead singer of The Spinners, announced a deal with funkster George Clinton today (November 8, 1979.)

In an exclusive interview with Jet Magazine, Wynne explained how his relationship with George Clinton came about.

According to Wynne, he was in the recording studio one day doing background work, when he decided to spring the idea of working with Clinton upon the funk pioneer.

Clinton liked the idea and signed Wynne to an exclusive contract with his label, Uncle Jam Records.

Wynne had actually left The Spinners in September of 1976 and for three years, he was engaged in a protracted legal battle with his former label, Atlantic Records.

George Clinton
George Clinton

Wynne also toured with George Clinton Parliament/Funkadelic. On the road, Wynne was known as “The Thrill Sergeant” and he appeared in two different parts of P-Funk’s stage show.

During one set, he wore Army fatigues and in another, Wynne returned to the stage in a red cape and then sang two of his most famous songs he recorded with The Spinners, “Sadie” and “Love Don’t Love Nobody.”

Wynne is also featured on P-Funk’s hit singles “Knee Deep” and “Uncle Jam.”

During the interview with Jet Magazine, Wynne denied that he was going to return to music as a gospel singer.

“I never said I was going to be a gospel singer,” Philippe Wynne said. “My personal religious beliefs have nothing to do with the way I make my living, although there are certain boundaries I would not cross in my work.”

Wynne opens the show in the clip below, from November of 1979.

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