Cornell Gunter Of The Coasters Murdered Near Las Vegas Strip

Cornelius (Cornell) Gunter, one of the lead singers of The Coasters, was shot in the head and killed today (February 26, 1990) by unknown assailants in Las Vegas.

The murder occurred just off the famed strip, in a residential area near North Las Vegas.

According to witnesses, a black man approached the driver side of Gunter’s vehicle and argued with the legendary singer, who was featured on hits like “Yakety Yak,” “Charlie Brown,” “Young Blood” “Down in Mexico,” “Poison Ivy” others.

A flurry of shots peppered Gunter’s vehicle. He sped off and ran into a wall, where his vehicle came to a rest.

Gunter died a short time later, due to his injuries.

During their career, The Coasters sold over 100 million records and were the first band inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Waxfact: Cornell Gunter’s funeral was paid for by Bill Cosby and Sammy Davis Jr.