Unreleased Ghettofighters Featuring Jimi Hendrix Heading To Stores


The Aleems feauturing Black Ivory’s Leroy Burgess 

Z3 Enterprises, Inc. signed a memorandum of agreement to distribute unreleased Ghettofighters music featuring legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix. 

Brothers TaharQa and Tunde Ra Aleem (formerly Albert and Arthur Allen) and Z3 Enterprises will release the music in conjunction with the release of the Aleem’s autobiography. The book details the life and times of the Aleem/Allen brothers experiencing life as one entity. 

The book takes the reader through a generational vortex of the 60s, Vietnam, the Harlem Riots and through the social forces that helped create the musical genres of doo-wop, and hip-hop. Their forays with legend Jimi Hendrix gives a glimpse of acid rock’s genesis and a peep into the life of the mega-star. 

Closing of the transaction is subject to execution of a definitive agreement which will provide for additional cash payments, stock issuance, and ongoing royalties. 

As part of the agreement, Z3 Enterprises expects to produce a major motion picture and documentary as well as other musical and promotional projects over the next several years. The music, which has been locked away for over 30 years, features the Aleems and Hendrix recordings before Jimi’s death. 

“This is a significant piece of music history,” said Ross Giles, the company’s new President and Chief Executive Officer. “The story of the Aleems and Hendrix will shed light on Hendrix’s continuing impact on musical artists around the world for over 40 years.” Giles added, “Jimi Hendrix’s extraordinary talent and influence lives on in rock, hip-hop, R & B, even country music.” 

“We are thrilled to be with Z3 Enterprises and feel that they will help us to expose the opulent legacy between Jimi and The Ghettofighters,” said TaharQa Aleem. “We feel strongly that the true story of our lives and the work we did with Jimi so many years ago will be in the right hands at Z3E,” added Tunde Ra Aleem. 

Z3 Enterprises expects to release the first single in a video featuring imagery of Jimi Hendrix and the Aleems. The company also plans to donate a portion of the profits derived from the projects to the James Marshall Hendrix Foundation for the purpose of educating students and musicians around the world.

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