The Moonglows – Blue Velvet

The Moonglows
The Moonglows

The Moonglows recorded their version of “Blue Velvet” today (December 13, 1956.) The Moonglows were headed by Harvey Fuqua, who was the nephew of Ink Spots’ guitarist, Charles Fuqua.

Harvey was born in Chicago and raised in Louisville, but it was in Cleveland, Ohio, where he would make a mark after being discoverd by Alan “Moondog” Freed in 1952.

After being impressed with “The Crazy Sounds'” signature “blow harmonies,” Freed signed the group and they changed their name to The Moonglows to honor the legendary DJ.

Freed signed the group to Chance Records in 1953 but by 1954, they were recording for the Chess record label in Chicago.

The group hit big with “Sincerely” in 1954, which dethroned The Penguins’ “Earth Angel” from the #1 position.

Issues between Bobby Lester and Harvey Fuqua tore the group apart.

Bobby Lester takes lead on the track, which was recorded in 1956, but shelved until 1958. It was released on the album Look It’s The Moonglows. The credited to “Bobby Lester & The Moonglows.”

In late 1958, Fuqua put together a new line up of Moonglows, that included a young Marvin Gaye.

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