Ten Interesting Facts About Soul Singer Johnnie Taylor

Since today (May 5th) would have been soul legend Johnnie Taylor’s 77th birthday, RareSoul.com has gathered Ten interesting facts about the soul singer.

Johnnie Taylor is a legendary member of The Soul Stirrers after Sam Cooke left the group, and he cut a number of sides for Sam Cooke’s record labels, SAR/Derby labels. When Sam Cooke died in 1964, Johnnie Taylor needed a new recording home.

“I was living in Kansas City,” Johnnie Taylor recalled in the book Soulsville U.S.A. “I got to St. Louis and I decided I’d up a dime. I said ‘Should I got Towards Detroit for Motown or should I take the southern route to Stax? Stax won out.”

– Johnnie Taylor is an Arkansas native.

– Joined sang in legendary Gospel groups The Highway QC’s and later the Soul Stirrers as a replacement for Sam Cooke

– Johnnie Taylor was Nicknamed the “Philosopher of Soul” in 1966

– The 1968 song “Who’s Making Love” is one of Johnny Taylor’s best known hits

– Johnnie Taylor’s middle name is “Harrison”

– Isaac Hayes and David Porter wrote Johnnie Taylor’s first big hit for Stax, titled “I Had a Dream”

– Johnnie Taylor’s had a big record named “Soul Heaven,” a fantasy about a meeting with famous deceased soul music icons

– He had a stint as a radio DJ in the 1980’s on KKDA Dallas/Fort Worth radio station

– Johnnie Taylor’s 8th album with Malaco records, Good Love!, reached number one on the billboard charts

-Johnnie Taylor has 9 children, 4 of whom became recording artists

One for the road: Johnnie Taylor died of a heart attack on May 31, 2000

*Johnnie is singing lead on the below tracks.

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