Ten Facts About Soul Singer Philip Bailey

Today is soul singer Philip Bailey’s 60th birthday today. Check out some interesting facts on the man who has created so many classics as a soloist and with his group, Earth, Wind and Fire.

1. Philip Irvin Bailey, an American gospel, soul and funk singer was born in May 8, 1951 in Denver, Colorado. 

2. Philip Bailey was in a local R&B band called Friends and Love and his early influences included jazz legends like John Coltrane and Max Roach, Miles Davis and the Motown Sound. 

3. Bailey was an integral part of a legendery singing group called Earth, Wind & Fire together with founder Maurice White, Jessica Cleaves (vocals – formerly of the R&B group The Friends of Distinction), Ronnie Laws (flute, saxophone), Roland Bautista (guitar), Larry Dunn (keyboard), Ralph Johnson (percussion) and Philip Bailey (vocals)

4.   Earth, Wind & Fire have  over 50 Gold and Platinum album   The group has also sold over 90 millions records worldwide

5. EWF and Bailey were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2000