Ruby & The Romantics: The Story of “Our Day Will Come”

Ruby & The Romantics hit #1 in the pop charts today (March 23) 1963 with their classic is “Our Day Will Come.”

Ruby & The Romantics were from Akron, Ohio.

The four male members in the group were originally known as The Supremes, before they looked up with Ruby.

The group consisted of Robert Mosley, Leroy Fann, George Lee and Ed Roberts.

During the group’s audition for Kapp Records, the A&R man of the label Allen Stanton, decided that Ruby should be the lead singer of the group.

“Our Day Will Come” was written by songwriters Mort Garson, Bob Hilliard, who first heard the song at Hilliard’s house.

When Ruby heard the song, she said she immediately knew it was a hit.

She bothered Garson and Hilliard to let her record the song, although they were initially reluctant to give it to her.

“Our Day Will Come” was eventually recorded during Ruby’s first ever recording session.

It was recorded in two different versions, but the famous “Bossa Nova” styled song was released in February 1963, by Kapp.

Six weeks later “Our Day Will Come” hit #1 on the Pop charts.

RareSoul Wax Fact: Legendary Jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell plays on “Our Day Will Come.”

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