R&B Singer Tommy Edwards Dies Of Brain Aneurysm

R&B singer Tommy Edwards died of a brain aneurysm today (October 22, 1969).

Edwards began performing in Richmond, Virginia at the tender age of nine.

He would make his impact in the R&B world in 1946, when he wrote the single “That Chick’s Too Young to Fry.”

Edwards’ success as a songwriter lead to a deal with MGM in 1949.

His first hit came with “All Over Again,” which made it to the #10 spot on the R&B charts and showcased his velvet voice.


Edwards had the distinction of landing two hit pop singles with the same song with different arrangements.

In 1951 Edwards hit #1 with the song “It’s All in the Game.” The song went to #1 again in 1958.


The same thing happened with the song “Please Mr. Sun,” which was #22 in 1951.

A new arrangement of the same song in 1958 landed at #11.


All in all, Tommy Edwards put 18 hits on the charts, including songs like “Morning side of the Mountain” and “I’ve Been There.”

Tommy Edwards was 47 when he died of a brain aneurysm.


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