R&B Group The Crickets Recorded Classic ‘You’re Mine’ Today (December 2, 1952)

The Crickets
The Crickets
R&B group The Crickets entered into the recording studio today (December 2nd, 1952) to record their haunting class, “You’re Mine” and the single’s flipside, “Milk and Gin.”

The Crickets were formed when group lead Grover “Dean” Barlow moved to the Bronx in 1951 and met fellow group members Eugene Stapleton, Leon Carter and Rodney Jackson.

The guys quickly formed a group and before they knew it, they were signing a deal with Joe Davis’ Jay-Dee label, who would eventually lease The Crickets’ material to MGM.

“You’re Mine” and “Milk and Gin” were lead by Barlow who lead The Crickets until a lineup change in 1953, which ultimately ended the group’s career.

Interestingly, before Buddy Holly died, Brunswick was forced to pay Davis a large cash settlement to use the group name “The Crickets.”

Dean Barlow contined on, experiencing minor hits in the Doo-Wop group’s The Bachelors and The Montereys.



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