Jermaine Jackson Replies To Dead Beat Dad Claims

Jermaine Jackson
Jermaine Jackson
Jermaine Jackson slammed back from Europe at TMZ’s web article’s characterization of him as a deadbeat dad today.

“TMZ never gets it right, the media always pulls this kind of stuff when I’m away, and I take care of my kids and my family,” Jermaine Jackson told music website

Jackson’s family law attorney, Jeff Sherter, Esq., stated in response to the TMZ article:

“Jermaine does have his drivers license, he is a committed and devoted father, pays for his children’s expensive private school and food, his ex-wife is moving from the Mansion to be put up in an upscale condo and not to the streets, and the TMZ article is a selective report of pleadings that misrepresent the proceedings, facts and final outcomes of the case and should not be considered or evaluated in the context of isolated court papers reflecting only one snapshot of a one-sided and inaccurate portrayal that is part and parcel of nastiness that may overcome any litigation.”

Jackson’s Entertainment Attorney Bret D. Lewis, Esq. stated that Mr. Jackson is considering legal action for defamation against TMZ.

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