October 7, 1962 Little Richard makes his British singing debut!!

Soul Legend "Little Richard"

On October 7, 1962 Little Richard made his British singing debut on Thank Your Lucky Stars, a U.K, Television show. Little Richard (Born Wayne Penniman 1932 in Macon Georgia), pioneered the transition from rhythm and blues to rock and roll in the 1950’s. His 1955 single “Tutti Frutti”  (a reworking of an early work by Slim and Slam in 1938), went to #1 on the Billboard r &b chart. 16 more hit singles followed in 3 years, seven of which reached #1. Little Richard’s music and vocal style has influenced countless industry legends including Jimi Hendrix who is quoted as saying “I want to do with my guitar what Little Richard does with his voice”.

Also on this day in soul

October 7…

1957: The Crests first single “My Juanita” is released, and reaches #86 on the pop charts. The record earned each of the group members $17.50

1978: Billboard magazine reports that Marvin Gaye had filed for bankruptcy twice during the year, having been more then $7 million in the hole.

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