New York Radio Station WINS Bans “Copy” Records

Legendary radio station WINS issued a ban on “copy” records today (August 27, 1955).

The ban did not include “cover” records, but referred to exact copies, where a popular song would be re-recorded note for note, often times using the same phrasing of the original artist or group.

WINS director Bob Smith announced that the new rule would be applicable to Pop, Country, and Rhythm & Blues.

A number of Rhythm & Blues and Doo-Wop groups were included in the original list of artist that should be played, while the copycat versions of their songs were to be banned.

The Nutmeg’s classic “Story Untold,” Lavern Baker’s “Tweedle Dee,” “Earth Angel” by The Penguins and The c
Charms’ “Hearts of Stone,” were among the songs on the list of artists whose music should be played over the copied version.

The news came just a few months after Lavern Baker, who recorded for Atlantic Records, complained to a U.S. Congressman that copy records were financially ruining her.


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