Male Members of The Platters Beat Prostitution Charges

The four male members of The Platters were aquitted of prostitution charges today (December 10, 1959).

Members of the group were arrested in August in Cincinnati, after police raided their hotel room and found three naked 19-year-old white women and one black woman.

The Platters In Court

During the opening arguments, The Platters’ lawyer told a judge that the group had lost over $500,000 in bookings since their arrests.

DJ’s across the country pulled The Platters’ single “Where” in the wake of the scandal as well.

The following year The Platters released their last big single, “Harbor Lights.”

Shortly after lead singer Tony Williams would leave for an Ill-fated solo career, while The Platters would experience one last major hit with “With This Ring” in 1967.

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