Herb of Peaches And Herb Hospitalized Over Gunshot

Herb Fame of Peaches and Herb rushed to the hospital
Peaches and Herb
Peaches and Herb

Herb Fame, one-half of the popular soul duo “Peaches & Herb” was rushed to the hospital today (August 1, 1968) due to a gunshot wound he sustained on July 18.

Peaches and Herb
Peaches and Herb

Herb Fame collapsed as he was recovering from a wound after being shot at a motel in Columbia, South Carolina.

According to sources, Herb was accidently shot by his close friend and road manager Walter Booth in a practical joke gone wrong.

The shooting occured when Herb knocked on Booth’s door and jokingly said “Your money or your life.”

Booth, knowing it was Herb at the door, decided to play along with the prank and went to the door with a .38 calibre Derringer in hand.

While unlatching the door, the gun accidentally went off, firing through the door and hitting Herb in the abdominal area.

Herb was hospitalized under critical condition and was released three weeks later.

However, on August 1, Herb collapsed in his home while watching television and was rehospitalized due to an infection caused by the gunshot.

Booth did not have a license for the gun and was temporarily arrested and held on $5,000 bail.

Herb later went to police and told them it was an accident and requested that all charges be dropped.

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