Happy Birthday To Cozy Cole 1909

Cozy (William) Cole was born today (October 17, 1909).

1. Cozy Cole was born in East Orange New Jersey. He got his first set of drums at Christmas, when he was five years old.

2. Cozy Cole study at New York’s Juilliard Conservatory with private teachers, and he also taught the drums to other later in his career at the Gene Krupa – Cozy Cole Drum School.

3. Cozy Cole played for a number of popular jazz artists in the 20s and 30s, including Jelly Roll Morton, Cab Calloway, Benny Carter, Willie Bryant and others.

4. In 1942, Cozy Cole was one of the first members of CBS Radio’s first mix-raced orchestra.

5. Cozy Cole hit #1 in 1958 with the hit record “Topsy Pt. 2.” Cozy Cole inspired a number of drummers, including Cozy Powell, the drummer for groups like Black Sabbath, Whitesnake and The Jeff Beck Group. Cozy Powell took his name directly from Cozy Cole.

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