Football Star Rosey Grier Inks Record Deal With ABC-Dunhill

NFL Star Rosey Grier Signs Record Deal With ABC-Dunhill

Colorful football star Rosey Grier inked a deal with ABC-Dunhill it was announced today (August 22, 1970).

Rosey was signed by Jay Lasker, who was heading up ABC-Dunhill at the time. During his time at ABC-Dunhill, Rosie was produced by Joel Sill.

Although it was the first time Rosey recorded for ABC-Dunhill, the legendary football star had already jumpstarted his singing career in 1960.

Throughout the years, Rosey Grier led an interesting life.

In addition to playing football and being a soul singer, Rosey also acted as a bodyguard for Robert F Kennedy.

In fact, it was Rosey Grier who protected Robert Kennedy during his 1968 presidential campaign.

Although Rosey unable to prevent Sirhan Sirhan from killing Kennedy, it was Rosey Grier who wrestled the gun away from the assassin and subdued him.

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