Producer/songwriter Robert Poindexter recently issued a statement regarding a lawsuit against Cash Money Records and rapper Bow Wow.

Robert Poindexter wrote a number of classic tunes for The Persuaders, including “Thin Line Between Love and Hate,” and the song at issue, “Loves Gonna Pack Up,” which hit #8 on the R&B charts in 1971.

Bow Wow used the track on the song “Still Ballin,” from his 2010 mixtape “GreenLight 3.”

While Bow Wow’s song was on a mixtape, Robert Poindexter said that format is no longer used for promotional purposes, and often lead to commercial game.

“Mixtapes is a big business. It’s not like it used to be, when you would use them for your personal use,” Robert Poindexter said. “You could sell a few copies on the down low, from the trunk of your car. But now, mixtapes are a big part of the music industry. You trying to say it’s a free mixtape and you not making any money off it? Hey, you not a charity organization. You using this song here to advertise and sell all of his other albums and a whole lot of other commercial ventures.”

Check out the statement and full below:

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