Dinah Washington, Nat “King” Cole Win At First Televised Grammy Awards

A number of black musicians took home awards during the 2nd Annual Grammy Awards, which were held today (November 29, 1959).

The 2nd Annual Grammy Awards were hosted by Meredith Wilson.

Jazz artist Duke Ellington was the big winner, taking home three awards that year, while Ella Fitzgerald nabbed two.

Nat King Cole won Best Performance by a Top 40 Artist for his song “Midnight Flyer.”

The Best R&B Performance for the 2nd Annual Grammy Awards went to singer Dinah Washington and her legendary song “What a Difference a Day Makes.”

Shortly after her Grammy-winning, Dinah Washington gave an interview to CBS magazine, in which she discussed her success.

“I’ve been hurt, humiliated, kicked around, robbed, maligned by lies. Name it, it has happened to me, but I refuse to give up,” Washington said. “Sure I’m a success in my chosen field and the warm applause of the people who listen to me saying is music to my ears, but even Madame Dubarry couldn’t take applause to bed with her.”

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