BMF: Berry Gordy, Jr.

Birthday Music Facts celebrates the life of legendary recording executive Berry Gordy, Jr. who was born on Nov. 28 1929.

Lets take a look at some facts:

1. Berry Gordy Jr. dropped out of high school in the 11th grade, to pursue a career as a professional box.

2. Berry Gordy’s first professional venture into the music business came via the 3-D Record Mart, a failed store that was open around 1953.

3. Before Motown, Berry Gordy wrote a number of hits for Jackie Wilson and Etta James, including “lonely teardrops” “to be loved,” and Eddie James is “all I could do was cry.”

4. Berry Gordy started the Tamla label first, using $700 he borrowed from his family. The first single issued was “Come to Me,” by Marv Johnson.

5. In 1986, Berry Gordy sold Motown to MCA/Boston Ventures for $61 million.

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