Alan Freed Announces His Departure From WJW; Heading To New York With New Rock & Roll Show

Alan Freed
Alan Freed

Popular Cleveland disc jockey Alan Freed announced he would be leaving WJW to join WINS in New York it was announced today (July 3, 1954).

The move was one of the earliest and most significant events for the budding genre of Rock & Roll music, which Alan Freed specialized in.

Alan Freed had been on WJW since 1951 and was popular with young black audiences.

Alan Freed
From 1952–1954, Alan Freed hosted the “Moondog Coronation Ball,” several of which ended in riots, when tens-of-thousands of fans showed up.

But his move to New York City was extremely lucrative. Alan Freed earned a salary of $75,000 and even more through syndication rights.

Original plans called for Alan freed to broadcast six nights a week from 11:00 PM-2:00 PM.

Before Alan Freed even signed on in September 1954, WINS had already placed his show in five markets, with a goal of reaching 60 in the United States.

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