After Death, Marvin Gaye’s Life Story Auctioned Off By Court Order

The rights to the life of Marvin Gaye were sold at an auction today (August 29, 1985).

Marvin Gaye had been shot and killed by his father in April 1984, during a heated argument.

The singer died without a will, due to the sudden nature of his death.

The movie and television rights to Marvin Gaye’s life went up for auction, after three creditors of his troubled estate complained about the estate’s business practices.

In total, the three creditors were owed more than $3.6 million.

The estate of Marvin Gaye was preparing to sell the television and movie rights to his life story to Motown, but the creditors felt that the story was worth more than what Motown was offering to pay.

In total, Marvin Gaye left behind over $9.2 million in debt when he died.

There are three movies currently in production revolving around the life of Marvin Gaye.

Singer Usher and rapper Will Smith are rumored to be in running for the lead role.

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