Woman Involved In Sam Cooke’s Death Arrested LA Vice Squad

The drama surrounding the shooting death of singer Sam Cooke continued today (January 11, 1965), in Los Angeles.

One of the major suspects in the murder, Elisa Boyer, was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department Vice Squad.

20130111-193422.jpg Elisa Boyer was the woman in the hotel room with Sam Cooke, the night that he was shot and killed.

It was Boyer who allegedly left with Sam Cooke’s pants and wallet, after he became sexually aggresive during a proposed romp in an East Los Angeles Motel on December 11, 1964.

The singer was reportedly carrying about $7500 in cash that went missing during the night.

An enraged Sam Cooke went looking for Elisa Boyer, but instead encountered Bertha Franklin, the hotel manager of The Hacienda, who thought the singer was a robber.

Bertha Franklin was the woman who shot Sam Cooke several times during a confrontation, resulting in his death.

Waxfact: Both Elisa Boyer and Bertha Franklin took a lie detector test to prove they were telling the truth regarding the circumstances surrounding Sam Cooke’s death. Both women passed their tests.