Wilson Pickett Drives Car Over Mayor’s Lawn And Threatens To Kill The Politician

Soul singer Wilson Pickett was arrested today (May 7, 1991), for threatening the mayor of Englewood, New Jersey, while driving across the politician’s front lawn.

The incident took place just around 4:00 AM, when Wilson Pickett drove his car across Mayor Donald Aronson’s front yard, while threatening to kill him.

Wilson Pickett, known for songs like “Mustang Sally,” “In The Midnight Hour,” “Land of 1000 Dances” and others, then sped off, driving the wrong way, down a one-way street.

Shortly after his journey began, the legendary soul singer was stopped by officers, who were patrolling the area.

They arrested Pickett and charged him with DUI, weapons possession and other charges.

The weapons charges were brought against the singer when police found him with a 10-inch hunting knife and an aluminum bat.

He was released shortly after posting $25,000 bail.

The mayor eventually dropped the charges against Wilson Pickett, after a court approved a settlement that required the singer to perform a fund raiser for the city of Englewood.


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