Stalker Busted For Threatening To Kill Roberta Flack

A man was arrested and charged with stalking legendary singer Roberta Flack today (March 3, 1995).

The incident occurred in New York, when Tennyson Charles, 49, attempted to bypass Roberta Flack’s doorman.

He bolted pass the doorman and yelled out “shooting is not good enough for her. Ripping her heart out like Jack the Ripper would be better. I’ll kill her if I see her,” Tennyson Charles threatened.

Charles, who was no stranger to the singer, was eventually subdued and arrested.

Tennyson Charles had been stalking Roberta Flack since 1982. The two met by fate, when she happened to hail a cab he was riding in.

From that point on, Charles began writing and calling Roberta Flack. He started threatening her after he was told to stop contacting her.

Tennyson Charles was charged with a variety of criminal offenses.