Ruby and The Romantics Record #1 Single “Our Day Will Come” Today

Ruby and The Romantics entered a recording studio today (October 25th 1962) and recorded their classic single “Our Day Will Come.”

The song’s interesting rhythm came about after the group recorded several takes that just didn’t work.

While they were taking a break, the drummer played a jazzy-like, shuffle rhythm based on Stan Getz and Charles Byrd’s song “Desafinado.”

Jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell was also one of the session musicians on the song.

That version was the one everyone liked and the single was released in November of 1962.

[youtube]–8Ju1jb8Bw[/youtube] It finally hit the pop charts in February of 1963, where it landed at #1 for a week and #1 on the R&B charts.

The classic song, which was written by Bob Hilliard and Mort Garson, has been remade numerous times over the years, by artists from Doris Day to Christina Aguilera.


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