Johnnie Taylor Says Cops Made Illegal Stop In Coke, Gun Bust

Singer Johnnie Taylor, dubbed “the philosopher of soul” asked a Dallas court to drop drug/gun charges levied against him today (July, 17 1980).
The singer’s attorneys argued that the police illegally searched his car in order to make the arrest. Taylor, who was already on probation at the time for cocaine possession, was arrested on January 15 and charged with driving while intoxicated, possession of a prohibited weapon, and possession of cocaine.
Police Sergant Gary Barnes testified that he stopped Taylor on a speeding violation and stated that the pistol was “in open view” and that he found the cocaine in one of Taylor’s pockets during a search.
Attorneys Lanell Cofer and Phil Burleson argued that both the pistol and cocaine charges should be dismissed because the Sergant had no legal right to stop Taylor in the first place.
Don Metcalfe, a State District Judge, is expected to rule on the argument as well as a prosecution motion to revoke Taylor’s probation. The singer was given a five-year probation sentence for possession of cocaine in January 1979.