Joe Tex Gives Up Music To Join The Nation Of Islam

Joe Tex surprised the world by announcing the end of his career as a soul singer to become a Muslim minister with the Nation Of Islam, it was reported today (July 27, 1972).

Joe Tex (born Joseph Arrington Jr.) gave up his career as a soul singer to begin touring around the country as a spiritual lecturer under the name “Joseph X.”

He then legally changed his name to Yusef Hazziez around that same time.

Joe Tex
Joe Tex

Joe Tex’s first sermon took place at the Cramton Auditorium in Washington D.C. in front of 700 people.

In his sermon, “Joseph X” said that he first became a Muslim five years prior, when he attended a service with his manager.

Although Joe Tex was raided in a Christian Methodist household, he claimed he was a changed man.

“I don’t smoke or drink or use dope. My only vice was women,” Joe Tex said. “Everything I have heard in the mosque is true to life. Everything is real.”