Ike Turner Refused Into Japan Over His Criminal Past

R&B singer Ike Turner was refused entry into Japan today (May 20, 2003).

Ike Turner took the lengthy flight overseas, in an attempt to perform as headliner of the Japan Blues Carnival.

But when the 71-year-old singer/songwriter arrived in Japan, he was refused entry, because of his prior drug conviction.

In 1990, Ike Turner was jailed for cocaine possession in the United States.

After being questioned for five hours, Ike Turner was turned away from Kansai International Airport, according to immigration officials.

Ike Turner’s band continued on to perform the four-day festival without their lead singer, although partial refunds were issued to fans who were expecting to see the singer, who produced his like “Proud Mary,” and “Rocket 88,” which is considered the first Rock & Roll song in music history.