BMF: 10 “Tasty” Facts About Soul Legend, Patti Labelle

1. Patti LaBelle was bored PATRICIA Louise Holt on May 24, 1944 in Philadelphia.

Patti LaBelle joined her first search singing choir at the age of 10.

2. Patti Labelle’s first group was the bluebells, which featured group members know to Hedricks Cabott Sarah – it’s Cindy Birdsong, who is going to be a member of the Supremes.

3. The group first tidbit in 1962, with the classic art to be hit “I sold my heart to the junkman” -But the record is really a Chicago girl group named the starlets.

4. After a complicated messy lawsuit over the name “bluebells,” the group parted ways with their labels and eventually Jointer Emile Parkway eventually joined legendary Philadelphia label cameo Parkway, where they landed a top 40 hit title “down the aisle (the wedding song).”

5. Labelle had a large following of lesbians after they hit big with their hit single “Lady marmalade.” It was even rumored that certain members were also lesbians.”We always had a large homosexual following, maybe because they so we didn’t stop at anything on stage,” Patti LaBelle wants remark in an interview.

6. The group hit pay dirt in 1965, with Atlantic records president about hurting inside the Grote girls. Their first album their first studio album was titled somewhere over the rainbow.

7. In 1967, Patti LaBelle’s first significant ballad “I’m still waiting,” was released on the album dream.

8. In 1982, Patti LaBelle starred in the Broadway revival of “your arms are too short to box with God.”

9. Patti Labelle’s autobiography “don’t block the blessings: revelations of a lifetime,” was a New York Times bestseller. At the book release party, Pfizer donated $100,000 to the American diabetes Association is African-American program, on behalf of Patti LaBelle.

10. Rick James wrote a song called “Spacey Love,” which was dedicated to Patti Labelle and The Bluebells.