Dionne Warwick Parts Ways With Scepter Records

Dionne Warwick
Dionne Warwick

It was announced that Dionne Warwick would no longer continue negotiations to re-sign her contract with her longtime label, Scepter Records today (May 15th), 1971.


While commenting on the situation, the President of Scepter, Florence Greenberg, said that the inordinate amount of money required to continue the business relationship between Scepter and Warwick was an unwise decision for the company, despite the long-standing personal relationship the two had.

Ms. Greenberg also added that while both the label and Warwick had shared a long and profitable relationship, she regretted that the business decision needed to be made for the best of the company.

Warwick negotiated with several other top labels, with Bell Records making an offer to Warwick of $1,500,000. Her deal with Scepter ended in September.

Dionne Warwick eventually signed with Warner Brothers Records, where she released six albums. She was unhappy with her time at Warner, according to the legendary soul singer.

“I signed with Warner Bros. Records, where Mo Ostin was the CEO and Joe Smith was president, and I was promised the world: the same car that was given to me at Scepter,” Warwick said. “They said I would be well promoted, produced at the same high level and given full support of concerts. Unfortunately, that was not how it turned out.”