First Annual Grammy’s Kicked Off Today (May 4th) in 1959

The Grammy’s were launched on this day (May 4th) in 1959. Even though the first winner… Presents: The Coon Song And The Origins Of Ragtime

The origins of "The Coon Song" and Ragtime are explored.

Louis Armstrong – The Hard Life In New Orleans

Louis Armstrong - The Hard Life In New Orleans

Bill Cosby Turns Down $3 Million Advance From Warner

At one point, Bill Cosby was also a highly sought after recording artist.

WARSOUL: Memorial Day Special: Archie Bell Shot In Vietnam As “Tighten Up” Hits #1

The singer was laid up in the hospital when his big record hit the charts.

Michael Jackson Gives His Mother A Rolls-Royce For Mother’s Day

Pop singer Michael Jackson celebrated Mother’s Day with his mom Katherine, by giving her a new…


RARESOUL.COM BLACK HISTORY MONTH EXCLUSIVE Meet Uncle Billy McCrea. Uncle Billy McCrea was from Jasper, Texas.…

Comedian Richard Pryor Signs With LAFF Records; Sets The Stage For Ground Breaking Career

Comedian Richard Pryor inked a deal with Laff Records it was announced today (January 10, 1971).…