Barbara Mason Sues Over Classic Single “Yes, I’m Ready”

Soul singer Barbara Mason has filed a lawsuit over her 1965 hit single “Yes, I’m Ready.”

Barbara Mason filed the lawsuit earlier this month (July 2012) in United States District Court, San Francisco, division, against Stilran Music Corporation.

Barbara Mason
Barbara Mason

According to Barbara Mason’s complaint, Stilran Music and Jamie Publishing Company falsely filed copyright ownership of the legendary single in 1965.

Barbara Mason, who wrote the song when she was 17-years-old, claims that she never had agreed to share ownership of the song with Stilran Music or Jamie Music Publishing.

Barbara Mason claims that the company had the rights to administer “Yes, I’m Ready” during the first copyright period, but she renewed her rights for the song in 1993 and won the worldwide rights to the tune.

Mason’s lawsuit claims that Stilran Music continues to represent themselves as an owner of the copyright of “Yes, I’m Ready,” despite the fact that a judge ruled that she was the sole owner of the work in 2009.

Barbara Mason is suing for damages, as well as a judgment preventing Stilran Music from attempting to represent themselves as an owner of the copyright “Yes, I’m Ready.”

Waxfact: Legendary songwriter Kenny Gamble can be heard singing the male parts of the song “Yes I’m Ready,” which was released on Arctic Records. Arctic was owned by WDAS DJ, Eddie Bishop.


Barbara Mason Lawsuit
Barbara Mason Lawsuit