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Jimmy Ricks

Jimmy Ricks

On November 10th, 1961 Ravens frontman/co-founder Jimmy Ricks recorded his classic track “Daddy Rolling Stone.”

The record, which was originally written by songwriting legend Otis Blackwell, was release in 1962 on the Festival label. It was reissued in on the ATCO label with the flipside “Homesick” replacing Festival’s original B-side, “Umgowa Twist.”

Jimmy Ricks was a founder of the legendary Ravens. The group, which featured Ricks’ deep bass as the lead, launched their professional career in New York.

They went on to influence every facet of R&B, from singing styles to “bird” group names. The Ravens, along with The Ink Spots and The Mills Brothers, also helped paved the way for the genre of Doo-Wop music.


The Ravens

Jimmy Ricks left The Ravens in 1955 and embarked on a solo career, although he never recreated the success of the Baltimore-based group.

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